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Hockey Trophies Continue To Be Elite For Eating And Drinking As Calder Cup MVP Sauces Up Some Wings In The Cup

Andrew Poturalski won the Calder Cup with the Charlotte Checkers and was named the Calder Cup Playoffs MVP. Not too bad for an undrafted kid out of Williamsville, NY.

So as a guy from right outside of Buffalo who finally had his day with the Calder Cup, it only made sense that he’d use both trophies to throw together an order of wings. The sauce looks like it has a decent amount of kick to it. The actual wings look like they bite pretty cleanly while being nice and crispy yet still having plenty of moisture in the meat itself. Do they look like wings that are going to completely change your life? Maybe not. But maybe winning the Calder Cup MVP is life changing enough because Poturalski signed a one-year, two-way contract with the Anaheim Ducks earlier this summer in free agency. That’s a team with an aging core that has already lost Corey Perry this offseason. So if Poturalski gets his chance and gets called up, maybe he can just keep churning out a few more orders of wings for the boys and that’ll be enough to keep him on the roster for good. Every team is looking for those guys with the intangibles. Team cook seems like the perfect addition to any locker room.

And just for anybody out there who was wondering–no, you cannot sauce up your wings in the Lombardi Trophy and you cannot sauce up your wings in the Larry O’Brien Trophy and you cannot sauce up your wings in the Commissioner’s Trophy.