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BOOM! Big Ten Schools To Start Serving Beer At Football Games This Fall

It is BANANAS to me that colleges haven’t been doing this since…. the start of college football.  I get that you’re kinda playing with fire when you mix in 10s of 1000s of 18-22 year olds and booze, but the positives have got to outweigh the negatives right?  I have no idea what kinda revenue alcohol sales bring in with respect to the rest of food/mercy/gate/etc. at sporting events but I’d bet it’s the biggest driving force by far.

And the schools that historically struggle with attendance like IU, NU and U of I should see a slight uptick in attendance too.  My father goes to Kane County Cougar games because they have cheap beer and there’s baseball.  He obviously doesn’t care about the product on the field.  It won’t be some crazy spike but there will def be more people that go to games that just wanna watch some football and drink some beer on a Saturday, regardless of them knowing who’s even playing or not.  I mean… wtf else is there to do in Champaign IL on a Saturday if you’re a 50 year old father of three from Rantoul?


I wouldn’t be shocked if all of the schools listed above enter into a facility arms race now that they’re gonna be bringing in potentially millions (?… like I said no idea) extra in revenue every year.  Sure there might be a few extra trips to the ER every week, but that doesn’t outweigh a shiny new weight room or virtual reality room (Northwestern does actually have one).  NU has the best facilities in the B1G right now.  Now everyone is gonna try to outdo them.  Looking forward to it

Gone are the days of me crotching as many Miller Lites as my pantaloons can hold while trying to sneak them into the stadium.  In are the days I’m paying $12 bucks a pop for beers.  Cannot wait!!