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A Mexican Soccer Club Shows Exactly How To Handle A Losing Streak: Give The Entire Stadium Free Beer If It Loses Its Next Match

Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 1.40.44 PM

This is A+ advertising. I mean this is how you do it. Who cares that the team has lost 5 in a row and are in next to last place? That all goes out the window when you throw out the entire stadium getting free beer. Guess what people aren’t talking about? Losing. Boom. Problem solved.

Oh, even better? Just a week ago Estadio Azteca, the most notorious Mexican soccer stadium, was caught watering down their beer. That makes this play even more genius.


I don’t know what I’m cheering for more here. On one hand, having to watch a club hand out free beer to 51,000 people would be hilarious to watch. On the other hand, how do those people react if they get a win? People love free shit and there are very few things better than free beer. Sacrifice one loss to get the free beer then go on the winning streak.

It’s a good thing beer in Mexican soccer stadiums have a strong history.