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He Shouldn't Have Been Standing There


To me, this feels like a good ol’ fashioned case of entrapment. I mean what did buddy expect to happen here? He punches him out with a questionable strike 3, Keon Broxton is obviously upset with the call, and then the ump proceeds to step toward the plate while Broxton is throwing all of his equipment out there for a yard sale? You hit a guy with that strikeout call and you have to give him at least 20 ft to throw a little tantrum. It’s just common decency, which is unfortunately something that Major League Baseball umpires are physically incapable of having. But you knew he was going to be upset, you knew he was going to start tossing some of his gear around the field, and you still decided to walk towards the plate? It’s almost as if this ump wanted to get hit with that sweaty batting glove just so he could have a reason to toss him from the game. ENTRAPMENT!

On the other side of things here, that might be the most impressive no-look toss I’ve ever seen. It made the perfect amount of contact for the scenario. If it was a direct hit to the eye or something like that, I feel like that would have been a bit much. Something that you’d at least have to actually apologize for. If it would have missed completely, it would have been a waste of a glove toss. But that perfect amount of just barely grazing the ump’s face to a point where he looks like an absolute lunatic for immediately going with the ejection? That’s the Goldilocks of glove slaps. Throw that glove a thousand times and it hits the ump perfectly in the face like that one time.