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Wake Up With The Best Of Eastbound And Down

To me it’s a great injustice that Eastbound and Down didn’t take home every Emmy, Oscar, Pulitzer and Nobel Prize.  It was the perfect, perfect season of stupid television.  I watched the first episode of S1 from some shitty hotel room in Atlanta where we were playing some other shitty d3 schools on a spring trip.  Was pretty sure it was gonna be really shitty but Danny McBride playing a washed up, racist pitcher still piqued my interest.  It only took 30 seconds into episode 1 for me to be completely hooked.

Kenny Powers, one of the great men in American history.  Oh, and April Big Cannons?  Stevie Janowski?  Cutler? Some of the best ancillary characters ever.  Even the fat nephew was hilarious.