Season 2 Of "The Corp" Starts Dropping Today. Get Excited by Reliving the Best Moments of Season 1

Season Two of “The Corp” drops today (Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe). We are doing this season a little different from Season one however. Instead of dropping them all at once we will be dropping them over the course of 7 weeks, every Tuesday, 2 episodes at a time (SUBSCRIBE). We have big name celebrity guests like Martha Stewart, Kevin Bacon, Howard Schultz, Tie Domie & Jim Cramer as well as some big time money making guests like Mark Mastrov, Tom Bilyeu, Dylan Lauren & much more. We also have some guest hosting episodes that feature Arod and our CEO Erika Nardini. I am extremely excited to get this season rolling (and hopefully start getting a paycheck from The Corp, more about that in the episodes) but before Season 2 launches lets relive some of the best moments from Season 1


Kobe telling us how Shaq Ruined his 40 point streak


How Gary V envisions saving Major League Baseball:

Gary V’s take on why certain kids shouldn’t go to college:

And of course


Jennifer Lopez kicking me out of her house:

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