The Toads Cup Up For Grabs Saturday When QU Plays Yale For National Championship


It’s kind of remarkable that Quinnipiac and Yale are playing for the National Title in hockey. I guess it would be no different than BU playing BC, but at the same time it totally is because nobody expected these two teams to make it this far. And the one time they do who do they see? The team from 1 minute down the road. Pretty wild stuff. It’s like fate or something.

Anyway anybody who knows anything about Quinnipiac and Yale knows that there couldn’t be two more different schools on the planet. Yale is filled with nerds who suck at life and whine that Quinnipiac kids party too hard and Quinnipiac is filled with not as smart people who are actually fun to be around and piss and puke on Yale buildings and shit. One school is a big time Stoolie school and one doesn’t even know the Stool exists. Guess which one is which? Like we’ve done 5 or 6 Blackouts at Toads which is right in the heart of Yale and we’ve never had one Yale student at our events. It’s all Quinnipiac all the time. Some could even argue that Quinnipiac is still the birthplace of Stoolapalooza. So needless to say if Quinnipiac doesn’t mangle Yale Saturday night there is something seriously wrong with America. And if we weren’t in Tampa we would 100% be doing a blackout at a House Party at QU.

PS – Give Yale credit where credit is due though.  According to the NY Times  “Yale has scheduled a viewing party in the basketball gym with free T-shirts, soda and pizza.”