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Well I Know Who I'm Voting For In The NYC Mayoral Race

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Catsimitadis! King of Gristedes! You got my vote brotha! For three main reasons:

1) John Catsimitadis believes in tricycles for the NYPD. For greater mobility. Genius!

2) John Catsimitadis said this quote regarding his daughter’s graduating class at NYU Stern –  “I think close to 480 of the 580 were Asian — Asian including India. And, it was scary. And then when you think about it, we’re going to deport most of these kids.”

3) Your daughter’s rack. Andrea Catsimitadis! Mayor of Rack City!

You got my vote, Johnny boy! Tricycles and deporting Asians and Indians and a daughter with some monster tits. Thats the sort of platform I can get behind.


PS – John Catsimitadis looks like an “After” picture for those people who get mauled by their pet chimpanzees and then get facial reconstruction surgery

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