The Legend That Is Tommy Heinsohn Turns 85 Today And He Needs To Live Forever

From the bottom of every Celtics fans heart, happy birthday to one of the true GOATs Tommy Heinsohn. Between him and Mike Gorman there hasn’t been anything in my life that symbolized Celtics basketball more like hearing those two on TV broadcasts. Sure Tommy is the biggest homer of any NBA broadcaster, but he’s our homer and we love him for it. He’s everyone’s drunk grandpa who sits there and yells at the TV all game, only he’s doing it on the actual TV. A guy that was a Holy Cross legend (shoutout my beloved Worcester), then one of the greatest Celtics of all time, then a championship winning coach, it doesn’t get more Boston Celtics than Tommy Heinsohn. He is a man who’s blood is truly green. That’s why it was great news when earlier this month we got the news that he’s 100% committed and coming back for next season

I honestly can’t imagine what life would be like without Tommy in my life and as far as I’m concerned I’ll never have to. Now that we know last season didn’t kill Tommy, I’m not sure anything can take him out which is great news for everyone involved. Even though he only does home games now there’s still nothing like the chemistry between him and Gorman. I can understand how other fanbases may hate listening to him but I don’t really give a shit about those people. If you can’t appreciate the greatness in your ears then that’s a you problem.

By all accounts 85 is basically the new 60 so I look forward to many more great Tommy moments for many seasons to come. You simply won’t find this sort of content anywhere in the league, because nobody gives less of a fuck than Tommy Heinsohn.