Strippers Suing Strip Club For Exploitation & Call For A Nationwide Strike

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KUSA)As Labor Day gets closer, more workers are stepping-up their demands for better wages and calling for a nationwide strike later this week. There is a new lawsuit from workers who tend to stay private yet are now taking their fight public. Five former strippers filed a class action lawsuit against the Fantasy Gentlemen’s Club in Grand Junction. The club is accused of failing to pay its dancers, charging the dancers a fee to work, and fining strippers for breaking club rules. The key argument in the 24-page lawsuit is that Fantasy Gentlemen’s Club exploited strippers by treating them as employees, but failing to pay them. The club owner says dancers are independent contractors, who work for tips not wages. Both sides say this case has the potential to change the strip club industry in Colorado. “Whatever kind of work it is that people perform, they’re entitled to be paid for it,” said attorney Mari Newman. Newman represents five former strippers who claim the club and its owner exploited them. Four ex-strippers are named in the original lawsuit and a fifth has since joined, Newman said. Strippers at Fantasy Gentlemen’s Club in Grand Junction are never paid by the hour. They pay the club a “house rate” to work, as much as $80 a night. “The club forces the dancers to pay its other employees,” Newman said. Strippers are required to give a percentage of their tips to the DJ and Security, 7 percent each. They have to pay fines of up to $100 per violation if they break the club rules. “Even if a doctor says they’re sick, they get charged a fine. If they trade a shift, they get charged a fine. If a customer misbehaves, they get charged a fine,” Newman said.

Listen up you fucking greedy hoes – being a stripper is a privilege, not a right. Of course you have to pay fees to dance. You rent that pole, toots. That stage and that DJ and that pole are whats gonna allow dozens of drunk, desperate dudes to give you minimum 20 dollars for 3 minutes of work at a time. You bitches wanna talk about minimum wage? Break it down hourly and you’re making like 400 bucks an hour. So forgive me if I’m not crying that you gotta pay 80 bucks to the club. And pretty much everyone in the world that works for tips has to share that money with other employees who help make it happen, so don’t act like you’re above that either. At the end of the day, being a stripper is a top notch give for dumb sluts with no other discernible skills. Its like being a whore without being a whore, but if you’d like to take it to that next level you’re certainly capable. You make tons of fucking cash if you’re doing it right. These chicks complaining are probably just the ugly ones with C-section scars that couldn’t cut it.

PS – Calling for a nationwide stripper strike is probably the most selfish, spiteful thing I’ve ever heard. Think about the married men and the hopeless single dudes that rely upon that over the pants hand job. Think about them you devious skanks.