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Throwing A Dead Pigeon While 'Mambo No. 5' Plays In The Background Is The Only Way To Finish A Street Fight

[Source] – With club classic “mambo no.5” blaring in the background, the man in the jacket shouts “come on then” at his rival in a green T-shirt.

The older lad starts throwing punches – with little connecting – before the second man fights back with some of his own blows. Eventually, a pal of the younger man steps in and drags him away from the confrontation.

But before he walks away, the lad bends down and picks up a dead pigeon that is lying on the pavement. He then hurls it at his rival, sparking hysterical laughter from behind the camera.

Everything about this is absolutely perfect. I mean a street fight with Mambo No. 5 playing would typically be enough to go viral. What bar is still playing Mambo No. 5? I mean of course this is in England so it’s obviously different, but I don’t think this is still causing people to shake their ass in the club


But now we’re bringing in dead pigeons? I mean anything is legal in a street fight. You get to talk whatever shit you want, you get to throw haymakers all you want and if you see a dead pigeon, who says you can’t use it as a weapon? Whatever it takes to win and not get your ass beat.

Imagine getting pelted with a pigeon? I mean obviously they missed in this video because it’s one of the worst street fight punches and fights in general, but imagine a dead pigeon just slapping you in the chest. That’s gotta be the lowest of points right. I’d rather catch a hook to my jaw than get a dead pigeon thrown at me. Just flat out disrespectful.