Papa John's, Official Sponsor Of Super Bowl 49, Accidentally Aired A Seahawks Back To Back Champions Commercial After The Game



Love how everyone keeps saying this was a mistake. Ohhh egg on Papa John’s face, they played the wrong commercial, how silly of them. Wrong. You know what the fastest way to media exposure is in 2015? Fucking up. I have friends who work in advertising and they all think they’re Don Draper, solving the world’s problems, resonating with the public and shaping our minds. Fuck that. If I was an ad exec I would have the same strategy from the beginning. Fuck up every which way. Play the wrong commercials, swear, send out racist tweets by accident, all of it. There is no such thing as bad publicity. I’m convinced this was done on purpose, just like i’m convinced Chevy sent their fattest, sweatiest employee to give out the World Series MVP trophy, or that time US Airways tweeted a picture of an airplane in a gigantic pussy. You want buzz, you want to get the people going, you fuck up, plain and simple. Genius move by Papa John’s. No one is talking about them if they’re even semi-competent here. Mission Accomplished.



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