The Blazers Are The Latest Team To Unveil New Throwbacks And Of Course They Are Fire


Big season for the Trail Blazers this year. Not only are they coming off their deepest playoff run since 1999-200, but they spent this summer locking up their star backcourt and should absolutely be one of the contending teams in the Western Conference. It’s also the 50th anniversary of their franchise and they have some big things planned starting with this awesome throwback court design

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Well what better way to honor that throwback era than also having the uniforms to match. These red replicas are from their 1977 championship team which is the only title in franchise history and most notably worn by this legend

Portland Trail Blazers: Archive

Which is why he was the perfect guy to unveil these bad boys after he took fans on a bike ride down the championship route from 1977

But back to the jerseys. The plan is to rock them in preseason and then 5 times during the year on their “decade night” which is cool and all but in my opinion not nearly enough. Just like with all these throwbacks we’re seeing from more and more teams, I want to live in a world where these are permanent fixtures, not just something to be worn on occasion. If I had to guess the Blazers have title aspirations for next season, so why not give them every chance to make that happen and have as much 1977 juju as you possibly can. Who knows, maybe they’ll get to relive this moment


Seriously though, I am loving this throwback trend and I need even more teams to get on board. There are still plenty out there with fire looks from back in the day, and it’s only right that they make a comeback as well.