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Aaron Gordon And Dennis Smith Jr Brought The Heat In This Slam Dunk Contest Over The Weekend

Now this is what I’m talking about. There are few things I love more when it comes to summer basketball highlight videos that I enjoy more than a quality dunk contest. When it comes to these and really any dunk contest all I want is to see some crazy shit. Show me something that I’ve either never seen before or is wildly impressive. Safe to say every single one of those dunks probably gets a 50 during the All Star Weekend Slam Dunk Contest. We shouldn’t be surprised, Aaron Gordon is probably the leader in the clubhouse when it comes to active players and dunk contests, and DSJ certainly is no slouch either. It still blows my mind how high this dude can jump when he has zero ACLs, and while I’m not a doctor I feel like that should matter.

This contest was from Jamal Crawford’s TheCrawsOver event in Seattle, and hell even the highlights from that run are impressive

But in terms of that dunk contest, I’d say DSJ’s second dunk was my favorite. Gordon’s second was pretty nasty too, but there’s something about DSJ going between the legs and then finishing with his left while spinning that does it for me. You may remember Gordon gave a list of guys he wants to compete against in this year’s contest

but maybe he needs to swap someone out for DSJ. I don’t know why these summer dunk contests always seem to be better than the real thing, but both of these dudes can absolutely bring it if given the opportunity.