The San Diego Padres Just Rick Rolled The Fuck Out Of The Red Sox Fans That Took Over Their Park

For whatever reason it’s become cool to hate on “Sweet Caroline” when it comes on at Fenway. It’s like complaining about there being too much Mickey Mouse at Disney Land. It’s part of the festivities, I’d prefer if they only played it while they had a lead but whatever. It’s not going anywhere. “Sweet Caroline” will forever be tied to Fenway Park and the Red Sox. But regardless of how you personally feel about it being played at Fenway I think we can all agree that this move should be seen as nothing less than an act of aggression. I’ve never had any sort of feeling about the Padres good or bad prior to today and now they’ll be an enemy for the rest of my days. Not being able to get that collective “BAAM BAAM BAAM” gave me blue balls like you wouldn’t believe. I live for that “BAAM BAAM BAAM,” that “SO GOOD! SO GOOD! SO GOOD!” that trailing off when people don’t really know the words outside of the chorus. My brain is wired to hear that play out to completion and not getting that satisfaction has ruined my otherwise mediocre weekend. Enjoy the perpetually perfect weather and light ocean breezes, you cowards.