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Rory Wins The Tour Championship, The FedEx Cup And FIFTEEN MILLION DOLLARS

Have a year Rory! Have a goddamn year. The man who also won The Players (and the RBC Canadian Open) can now add the Tour Championship and the FedEx Cup to his list of 2019 accomplishments. With today’s victory, Rory wins 15 million dollars and he joins Tiger as the only other guy to win the FedEx Cup twice. It’s truly hard to fathom just how much 15 million dollars is. There’s been a lot of discussion about how to make the FedEx Cup feel like it matters and the solution has largely been, “Let’s throw a fuck ton of money at this thing” and throw money at it they have. 15 million dollars is so so so so so so so much money.

Not only that, look how insane the payouts are for everybody

Screen Shot 2019-08-25 at 5.23.47 PM

Absolutely insane numbers. You know the money is big when “last place” clears close to $400,000.

But Rory gets the lion’s share with cool 15 million dollars headed towards his bank account. Earlier in the week, Rory talked about how awesome it is to have a lot of money because you get to spread it around to the ones closest to you, well Rors now has a whole lot more money to spread around to his loved ones. Before today’s haul, Rory had made around 68 million dollars playing professional golf so, in just one weekend of golf, he made 22% of his career earnings. That’s pretttttttty pretttttty pretty good.

Golf is sooooooooooo much better when Rory is involved. He’s like the Yankees or the Knicks or the Lakers or the Cowboys in that things are just more interesting and feel more important when he’s involved. In a post-Dominant Tiger Era, despite all the impressive things Brooks Koepka has accomplished over the last couple of years, there’s just nothing quite like having Rory be The Guy in golf. He’s cocky, he’s electric, he gives by far the best interviews and, most importantly, he walks like he’s got a baseball bat swinging between his knees. Add all those things together and you’ve got the most entertaining person in golf by a mile. What I’m trying to say is that I’m glad Rory is kinda sorta back to be ing Rory again. Congrats to him and congrats to the game of golf.

We’ll talk on Fore Play about whether or not we think the new FedEx Cup system worked but I think it worked? Against all odds I think it worked.

Heaviest trophy in the goddamn world?