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Dude Sets Record For Fastest Loop Of Manhattan, Driving It In 24 Minutes

YoutubeDuring the summer of 2013, a record was set for the fastest loop around Manhattan starting from 116th St. on the FDR heading downtown, up the Henry Hudson Highway, and back down to 116th St. in just 24 minutes. Previous records were set by CBC with 26 minutes in 2010 and before that Alex Roy with 27 minutes back in 2001.

Driving around Manhattan at night with no traffic might be like the easiest thing in the world. Like I would be furious if it took me 24 minutes to shoot down the FDR and up the West Side. The 6 red lights is what killed him. Thats like at least 25% of your time right there. Should do this shit on a Friday afternoon before sundown during a Jewish holiday and then I’ll be impressed. If you can loop around Manhattan in less than 9 hours under those circumstances you are the most talented driver of all time.