It's Starting to Feel Like Piling On, But Seahawks Fans Sucked At Drinking During the Super Bowl


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Seahawks Fans Outdrank Patriots Fans with Highest Average BAC

BACtrack found that Seattle Seahawks fans had higher average BAC levels than New England Patriots fans during the Super Bowl.

· Seahawks fans had an average BAC of 0.084%

· Patriots fans had an average BAC of 0.065%

· Other football fans had an average BAC of 0.057%

Seahawks Fans’ BAC Levels Soared During Halftime Show

Seahawks fans’ average BAC levels surged during the first half of the game, peaking shortly after the halftime show celebration and then quickly falling after their 24-28 loss to the Patriots.

· Seahawks fans had an average BAC of 0.116% at halftime

· Patriots fans had an average BAC of 0.052% at halftime

· Other football fans had an average BAC of 0.052% at halftime

Patriots Fans Celebrated their Super Bowl Victory

Once the Patriots claimed the Super Bowl title, New England fans’ average BAC level quickly rose during the post-game celebration.

· Patriots fans had an average BAC of 0.072% post-game

· Seahawks fans had an average BAC of 0.031% post-game

· Other football fans had an average BAC of 0.032% post-game




First off, saying that the Seahawks fans “outdrank” Pats fans is flat out laughable. They clearly did not. Two of those three BAC trajectories make sense. The “fans of other teams” part of that graph is the clear cut, correct way you should be drinking during the Super Bowl. You just get a nice steadily accelerating buzz going until it’s the 4th quarter and you’re boom shmammered. Then you go full tilt when the game ends and make the bad decision to keep getting drunk and just deal with the consequences the next day. Pretty textbook.

The Pats fans’ graph is an entirely respectable, pretty consistent buzz followed up with a nice partying upshot at the end. I particularly like that they came into the game already hammered. They had a nice day drunk going and came back to Earth for game time. Because you don’t want to not remember the Super Bowl / puke in the buffalo chicken dip. Well played.


That Seahawk graph though… It’s atrocious. That’s the graph of a chick who takes 3 tequila shots within 10 minutes of getting to the bar and is entirely dependent on her friends to babysit her for the rest of the night. At some point she hasn’t even had a drink in awhile and you start to wonder if she’s actually drunk or just being a bitch who likes the attention. That’s how the Seahawks drank. And to cap it off they clearly stopped drinking after the game. And that’s just absurd. If my team’s in the Super Bowl, win or lose I’m getting smashed post-game. Honestly, I’d probably get drunker if we lost. But their BAC’s fell off a cliff after the game ended. It’s like they didn’t even care. They just coped with that last play in total sobriety. Figure it out Seattle. Figure it out.



P.S. They might have just been getting high. And if that’s the case, carry on Seattle



Double P.S. Found my BAC chart from Sunday: