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The Philadelphia Phillies, A Professional Baseball Organization, Just Lost To The Division II University Of Tampa Spartans


There are no words. None. Can we just call it a season already? I don’t give a rat’s cooch if the Phillies lineup didn’t feature any real players (minus Darun Ruf, Ceaser Hernandez and Phillippe Aumont, who all combined to suck OUT LOUD against Division II talent). It’s embarrassing, plain and simple. These guys are professionals playing against college kids. Shit, this isn’t even San Diego St. throwing Stephen Stasburg MLB ready talent out there, these are DIVISION II ballplayers. The 10-run rule should have been in effect by the 4th. FIRE EVERYONE.


Also, I know most of these minor leaguers won’t sniff the majors, but at least give us some young names and talent we can get excited about. McGuinness? B. Bogusevic? Mastroionni?