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Nobody Had A Morning Like Lee Corso Just Had In Disney World

Annotation 2019-08-24 131549

I’m sure you have heard, but in case you haven’t: college football is back. That also means College GameDay is back. Our long national nightmare is now over that Lee Corso is back in our lives. If Lee Corso’s performance this morning was any indication, we are in for a hell of a college football season. It started with his prediction that Utah is going to make the national championship:

We then saw Lee take out some special headgear:

This photo is actually a metaphor for something bigger. Lee Corso is ESPN. The Mickey Mouse hat is Disney. The hat is much bigger than Lee Corso’s head, indicating the control Disney has over ESPN.

The main event didn’t come until Lee Corso said he was picking the Canes, while grabbing a Florida hat:

Why is Lee Corso wearing a winter hat in Disney World in August? Well, there’s always a chance of snow around Michael Irvin.