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Thad Castle Taking You Into The Weekend

When the news broke about Evgeny Kuznetsov getting hit with a 4-year ban for cocaine earlier this morning, I was immediately reminded of one of the greatest coke users and television characters of all time–Thad Castle.

When all is said and done, Thad Castle might go down as the most underrated character in TV history. Whenever you ask somebody about their favorite tv character, they’ll probably give you some generic shit like someone from The Sopranos or Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones. Rarely will a show like Blue Mountain State even enter their brain at that moment. Which is a farce because BMS can go toe-to-toe with any show out there. But for Thad Castle to not even get an honorable mention from people when answering that question? It’s just ridiculous.


So let’s head into the weekend giving Thad the respect and appreciation he deserves. Especially since the college football season gets going this weekend. And whilst having yourself a weekend, just ask yourself What Would Thad Do? Actually…that’s probably ill advised. Maybe just get high and watch BMS on Netflix instead because I don’t know how many hearts out there can handle what this legend put his body through on a daily basis. Now somebody get over here and slap my ass. Party at the Goat House!