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Do Poker Players Roll Around In Money After Big Wins? Jessica Dawley Answers...

This last week on the Cracking Aces podcast we were joined by Jessica Dawley, who I blogged about after she sent out this tweet, one of the best flexes in Twitter history:


Thanks to the ZBT crew I did the interview with Kate, as Jessica is former Air Force and now is in the poker world. It was an awesome interview, as we balanced military and poker questions and Jessica was great and provided great answers. She talked about the above tweet, and Kate asked her the best question- do you ever roll around in the money after a win? Jessica, take it away!

HELL YES. That’s the dream right there, and I appreciate her answering it honestly. Like yep, I’ve done it, I’ve slept on a pile of money and it was AWESOME.

The rest of the interview is great too. She talks about being a woman in two male-dominated fields, the military and poker, and if she was really down to her last 300 bucks before winning the tournament for $200k.

We also had Jamie Kerstetter on the podcast. Jamie was in the booth during the WSOP Main Event, is a pro poker player, and a great Twitter follow to boot. She was fantastic.

Definitely check out the new episode, number 15. Not for nothing and not to toot my own horn, but the podcast is pretty good. If it sucked I’d say it sucks, but it’s probably the thing I do best. Myself and Jake do the best poker podcast out there. Appreciate anyone who gives us a listen, a follow on Twitter/Instagram, and a 5 star review on the iTunes.

PS: Meet me at the table, punk!