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This Coward Chick-fil-A Employee Needs To Be Assassinated After Sneaking Into Popeyes To Try Their New Sandwich And Ask If They're Hiring

This has been a tough time for me. For all my years I’ve been a gigantic Chick-fil-A guy. My Sundays are ruined every week because Jesus was an asshole and needed a whole day for himself. If I had a dollar for every time lunch rolled around on Sunday and I thought about ordering Chick-fil-A I’d make an additional $52 per year. Still despite this ridiculous rule, I love the food and come back every time I crave a good chicken sandwich.

Now we have Popeyes breaking into the chicken sandwich game. If I can be frank, I’ve never given them the time of day. Never even had the thought cross my mind that they could have respectable chicken. Everyone is losing their fucking minds over their new sandwich. It’s madness is what it is. I still stand here today without a bite of a Popeyes chicken sandwich. Credit to me, but now we have Chick-fil-A employees jumping ship and trying the sandwich for themselves. Blasphemous.


If I’m Mr. fil-A I’m having this man assassinated on the spot. Dude is strolling into Popeyes and asking if they’re hiring. Then he’s trying the sandwich and saying it’s better. Nope, I won’t have any of that. You have to murder this man if you’re at the helm of Chick-fil-A. I don’t care if the sandwich is better, it’s about loyalty. Without loyalty what do we have? Nothing.