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If We're Being Perfectly Honest, Gritty Probably Shouldn't Be Allowed To Have An Axe In His Hands

Pretty impressive form and accuracy on display from Gritty here. Which should scare the everliving shit out of just about everyone. Because it’s one thing to see Gritty walking toward you with an axe in hand. It’s an entirely different scenario when you see Gritty walking toward you with an axe in hand and he is proficient in wielding one. Which kind of makes you wonder just how exactly did Gritty get so good with an axe in the first place?

All I’m saying is that the more confident he becomes in his axe throwing abilities, the more likely he’ll become to actually use it one day. Gritty is way too much of a wildcard to be trusted with that level of responsibility. I know what they say–the only way to stop a bad guy with an axe is a good guy with an axe. I’m just not entirely sure if Gritty could be categorized as “good” or a “guy”.


It’s just…if you’re heading to a Flyers game this season, maybe keep your head on a swivel. Can’t trust this guy as far as he could throw an axe.