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Two Guys Try To Mug A Woman In Chicago...WHOOPS, She's A Golden Gloves Boxer

clair quinn

(Tribune)–Chicago boxer Claire Quinn was on the way to the gym last weekend, planning on sparring in the ring, when she ended up in a street fight in Bucktown.

A teenager asked Quinn for directions to the Nike store as she walked in the 1600 block of North Damen Avenue about 10:30 a.m. Sunday. Moments later, an older man came up from behind and sucker punched her in the head, demanding her cellphone.

But the blow didn’t stop Quinn, a Golden Gloves champion with a 6-0 record this year.

“I was like, ‘Aw, heck no,’ ” she said by phone Thursday from Florida, where she went to stay with her parents while recuperating from a concussion from the attack. “He punched me the one time really hard, and then after that I just kept throwing my right hand into his groin.”

Pick out a cute, petite, girl walking to the gym, think you’re going to have an easy day at the old mugging factory and BAM

This is swift and proper justice. Not full justice because these two assholes should obviously be in jail, but I am hoping that Claire Quinn “throwing her right hand into his groin” left this guy unable to procreate. End of the line for this asshole and all because he attempted to mug the baddest chick on the block. You know you’re bad when you don’t wear your good lulu workout gear to spar because you “don’t want to get blood on it”. I mean the entire article in the Trib is filled with quotes that I would wear on a t-shirt. A Claire Quinn collection

A man literally thought he could assault me and get away with it. I was angry and wanted to make him regret picking/targeting me. A motto I live by: ‘Do no harm but take no s—.'”

This girl is a walking movie character. She could co-star with The Rock. Cleaning up the streets of Chicago one punch to the dick at a time. I love it.