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GTA Tournament of Champions Finals - #1 Leanna Bartlett vs. #2 Anastasia Ashley



We all knew where this was going, folks. There was a couple scary moments along the way. Jessie Rogers REALLY gave Anastasia Ashley a run for her money in the Final Four. With 2,901 votes, and an average of 5.13 out of 10, Anastasia just barely squeaked by into the Finals. A couple upsets along the way. We saw young vs. old, unknown vs. famous, big vs. round. Over the shoulder, bent over. Thongs, boy shorts, bare ass and everything in between. The 8 best asses from the first half of 2013. And it all boils down to this.

1 vs. 2. The 6 time Ass Queen Leanna Bartlett vs. Anastasia Ashley, the ass that originally dethroned her. Can Anastasia do it again? Can someone successfully defeat that ass twice? Or do the Bartlett supporters come out in droves hoping to defend that ass’ honor? Model vs. Surfer square off in another epic showdown – this time its for all the ass marbles. Lets vote

#1 Leanna Bartlett:



#2 Anastasia Ashley


Vote 1 for #1 Leanna Bartlett, Vote 10 for #2 Anastasia Ashley

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