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Kentucky Football's 'Jared Lorenzen Day' Against Arkansas To Celebrate His Most Memorable Moment Is The Best Idea In College Football This Year

This is exactly how it should be done by Kentucky football. We all know the tragic death of our good friend Jared Lorenzen earlier this year. He’s an absolute legend in Kentucky and at the University of Kentucky. Absolute legend might even be underselling it. He is probably the most beloved Kentucky football player of all time. You could see him at any point walking around Commonwealth before a game, popping around tailgates and then hanging out down by the field.

And there couldn’t be a better game and day for Jared Lorenzen Day by Kentucky football. Even the title ‘don’t miss a hell of a game’ is A+.

Why you might ask? Well it’s his most memorable moment as a Wildcat. Trailing in the second half against Arkansas, he saw fans leaving Commonwealth and screamed out to them. ‘Where the hell y’all going? Y’all gonna miss a hell of a game’

He was right

The hashtag #CatsBy90 might be legit that night. No doubt about it, I’m ready to find any line and hammer the Cats right this second against Arkansas. The Jared Lorenzen Day is just an awesome idea, now I hope the other two ideas come true. First being paining the 22 yard line blue in honor of him and the second is letting Terry Wilson (Kentucky’s starting QB) wear 22 during the home opener.

Also quick shout out to Eli and the Giants. Last night during the Giants/Bengals game, Lorenzen’s son and nephew were playing in the halftime game and Eli made sure to stop by and talk to them before hand. That’s my QB1.

RIP Lefty. Gonna be a hell of a night in October.