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Big Brother 21 Week 9 Power Rankings: Taco Tuesday Saves Christie’s Game

Alrighty then. In a season that has lacked blindsides, we at least got some juice this time around. Each summer is good for at least one memorable verbal altercation, and that’s exactly what we got this week.

Let’s catch you all up to speed…

Jackson wins HOH, puts up Christie and Analyse, Jackson keeps his nominations the same after winning the veto competition, and his target, Christie, should be gone. Right?

Nope. With nothing to lose, Christie blew up Nick’s game by saying he was playing all sides of the house, and man, did he fall RIGHT into that trap. Christie made it clear that if the rest of the house kept her, she would be going right after Nick. Clearly, this was enough to flip the vote. Sis was sent packing, and we are now halfway done. Eight houseguests remain, eight have been evicted. Things are going to start getting veryyyy interesting.

Now, onto the Power Rankings. Hate to admit it, but my track record has been mediocre at best with these lists. But that just shows how one competition and/or conversation can literally change everything. It would be interesting if there were live odds on picking a winner out there somewhere, because you can make an argument that there should be a new favorite every day. Anyways, let’s get after it…

  1. Holly (Last Week: 7)- As much as I said how little these rankings mean, I truly think Holly would be the Vegas favorite if that was a thing. Let’s break down the resume: She just locked up her second HOH win, has a safety net with Jackson still in the game, and really doesn’t have solo issues with the remaining houseguests. If the rest of the house is smart, they take this Wyoming girl out the moment they get a chance. But judging off the move to leave Christie in the game, I’m not sure how smart they are.

  2. Cliff (5)- This week, Cliff did what he does best: stayed far away from the drama. And that is why he is working his way up. With this week’s duel between Nick and Christie, you know they’re going to try and make a case for Holly putting each other on the block. That tension should keep Cliff away from the nomination couch. As Derrick said in our interview last week, Mr. Hogg is a fan favorite. Definitely someone to keep an eye on for “America’s Prankster” (A new twist that allows a HG to put up one nominee).

  1. Nicole (6)- If America doesn’t elect Cliff, I’d bet on Nicole. What they do with this power is tough to predict, but Nicole’s laid-back strategy recently has paid off as well. It’s ironic because at this point in the game is when you’d expect it to be time to make power moves. But this season, with the lack of strong alliances, Nicole should be solid in the short-term.

  2. Tommy (1)- It was an impossible week for Tommy Bracco with his two closest allies sitting on the block. We know his ride or die is Christie, so given the situation, I consider this week a win for Tommy given the hand he was dealt. But my concern lies with his affiliation with Christie. He did admit he was willing to cut her loose if necessary, but now that they are both still alive, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Holly try her best to put the two of them up against each other (unless the Prankster has something to say about that).

  3. Jackson (8)- I still consider Michie’s HOH reign a mild success, even though he didn’t get his number one target out of the house. After all, the fact that Holly won HOH means he’s not going anywhere this week (assuming the Prankster doesn’t get involved). Jackson will still have secondary power this week, and I’d be shocked if he didn’t convice Holly to put Christie back on the block.

  4. Christie (3)- Alright, you have to give credit where it is due. As much as America has had it with Christie and her overdramatic crying episodes, she did what she had to do to stick around for at least another week. And given what just happened in the HOH competition, if she can pull another rabbit out of the hat and get through this week, she will have earned it. It’ll be a similar situation for her with no power, but she has life. Something nobody thought she had 48 hours ago.

  1. Nick (4)- His Taco Tuesday fiasco is pretty much the reason the vote went the way it did. Nick was the only one to be on the wrong side of the 5-1 tally, so the line has certainly been drawn. Luckily for him, it wasn’t Christie or Tommy who earned the power this week. Nick has to make it clear that he’s willing to stay loyal to the power couple of Holly and Michie, especially this week, or it could spell danger.

  2. Jessica (9)- Her performance in the HOH competition describes Jessica’s game perfectly.

Enough said.