Jordan Reed Suffered Another Huge Hit To The Head And Nobody Would Blame Him If He Decided To Walk Away From Football


Sighhhhhh. I….I don’t know man. I’m not going to do some hindsight is 20/20 nonsense and bash the coaches for playing him in a meaningless preseason game. In retrospect, yeah, it’s a pretty stupid idea to play the most injury prone player in the league in a preseason game. When healthy, Jordan Reed is one of the most dangerous TEs in the league. Easy top 5. But he has a very hard time staying on the field, as he’s had a myriad of injury problems and concussions throughout his career.

He has 6 concussions on the record, and who knows how many more. This is what happened after concussion 3. Yes, 3:

If last night’s hit did result in a concussion, that would be number 7 and he really, really has to think about his future. I thought maybe he would call it a career after number 5, but he keeps coming back. He’s played through shoulder injuries, foot injuries, MCLs, you name it, he’s had it. Often at the same time.

Reed would be a huge loss for the Skins, but if he walks away, nobody would blame him. He’s battled back from everything and given everything to the Redskins, if he decides enough is enough, may he have a safe and happy retirement.