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KFC Radio Stoolie Voicemail: Viewers Choice Edition

Alright so heres the deal – been a couple weeks since we did a KFC Radio. Tall One was our Voicemail Guy. He was the one that did all the legwork behind the scenes to weed through all the awful submissions to pare it down to 10 or so quality voicemails each week. Well he’s moved on from the Stool to try to be a real person (Good luck bro, you’re 6 foot 10, the only home for you is Barstool or the Circus) so we’re in a little bit of a transition mode. This week we experimented with video voicemails and we did Viewers Choice where listeners voted on the voicemails the wanted to hear. For the most part, I think both were a success. Weird as fuck, but everything about the Stoolie Voicemail show is weird.

We added a new feature for any of you who watch on Youtube. You’ll notice the Smokescreen to the right running throughout the whole episode. Just a little slideshow montage of the hottest smokes we featured all week. I figured theres not much appeal looking at unshowered, out of shape bloggers so we might as well provide some eye candy. Listen to our jibberish and watch Smokes, thats what KFC Radio is all about.

Going forward Feits is gonna be sifting through the voicemails, so we’ll be back in business as usual every week. Make sure you call the Barstool Hotline 646-80-STOOL (646-807-8665), or tweet @KFCradio or @KFCBarstool with any questions or comments. If you wanna do a Video Voicemail, just record a quick youtube and email the link our way.