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Credit To This French Doctor For Attempting To Make History ... Become The First College Graduate To Win Miss BumBum

[Source] - “I think that if I win the contest, I will have to raise the level because I would become the first university graduate to win Miss BumBum in its history.“I have always been a model. It ran alongside my medicine studies. 

“I always dreamed of being a doctor as a child, but I also wanted to develop in other areas too which is why I decided to enter Miss BumBum.”

The beauty contest, which aims to identify the world’s best booty, was previously only held in Brazil where it originated. The first international event will take place on September 30 in Mexico City and Souza will have to compete with previous winners such as Suzy Cortez, who claimed the crown in 2015.

I love it. I love the competitive spirit here by Rayane Laura Souza. Oh, you think being a doctor is enough? Not for Rayane. Not one bit. She’s developing in other areas, which is why she’s entering the Miss BumBum. And, yes folks, the lame joke writes itself, she’s surely developed for that contest.

I gotta say, it’s some bullshit that doctors don’t look like this here in America. Close your eyes and picture a doctor. I’m picturing some old guy that doesn’t hear super well, grey hair and a goatee. Pretty much the exact opposite of this.

September 30 is Miss BumBum and dare I say it’s can’t miss? I think it’s can’t miss. I gotta find out where this is streamed because it’s safe to say I’m supporting history here. I’m supporting the first college, err excuse me, uni, grad to win Miss BumBum.