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Sports Illustrated Pokes Fun At Marchand's (Likely) Concussion On Their Website



Real nice, SI. Marchand gets fucking brained by Volchenkov’s Chicken Dance and you think it’s funny? Really? Volchenkov, a guy who straddles and crosses the line “may win fans” for putting a guy out of commission for who knows how long because of a filthy elbow? Because brain injuries and their lingering effects are fun, right?

After all the stories in the last few years about concussions and the serious tone taken with them, you look like goddamn idiots for this (even if you did change the headline and text after people bitched).

Jesus Christ, no wonder why SI is fading at Lohanian level—you just got dumped by frigging CNN! And for the Bleacher Report! Man, how embarrassing!

I canceled my SI ages ago because NHL coverage wasn’t even resembling a priority and I haven’t missed it for a second. In fact, I don’t know one hockey fan that gets the mag OR visits the site. I only saw the headline because I was doing a Google search for the dirty hit and I had to go in for a better look to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. SI is not a destination for NHL fans. Hasn’t been for ages. Won’t be again.

And dopey shit like this will only ensure it. Somewhere, Henry Luce is rolling in his grave.