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The Cowboys Have Offered Ezekiel Elliott An EMBARRASSINGLY Low Contract And If He Takes It He Has No Integrity Or Self-Worth

2nd highest paid RB? 2nd highest?!?! Ezekiel Elliot, I know you’re reading this, there is only one way to respond to this insulting, disgusting offer. You don’t send an email. You don’t return a call. No. You should go take a shit on the star at the 50 yard line. Because that’s what Jerry Jones basically did to your face, took a big ol’ steamer on it. I cannot believe he had the balls to offer you, Ezekiel Elliot, a smaller contract than Todd Gurley. Why don’t they make him eat all his dinners at Long John Silvers while they’re at it?

Don’t give in, Zeke. You’ve worked way too hard for way too many years to be spit on and embarrassed like this. You were cleaning dog shit out of newspaper racks 25 hours a day to get here and they want to offer you 2nd best money? Please. Sit out the season if you have any integrity at all. Stand for something or fall for anything. #IStandWithZeke