Jim Harbaugh: "It's Hard To Beat The Cheaters"


I want to like Jim Harbaugh. I really do. I'd consider myself one of the last members of Jim Harbaugh island. It even seems Michigan fans have taken a boat off.

Today is a tough day on Jim Harbaugh island after seeing this quote:



This quote comes from John Bacon's new book about Michigan. Who knows the context of that quote or when Harbaugh said it. However, it's incredibly lame and almost 100% hypocritical. Is there any evidence out there that Jim Harbaugh cheats? No. Same goes for Nick Saban, Kirby Smart, and other top coaches. However, as we've seen throughout college sports, it isn't who cheats, it's who can cheat the best without getting caught.

This quote comes only a few days after the story of Rashan Gary turning down 300k from another college came out:

Do you think Rashan Gary just went to Michigan for free? I'd guess not.

I cannot emphasize this enough: you do not end up at the top of recruiting rankings year after year by playing by the rules. Everybody cheats.

How do we solve the cheating? Pay the damn players.

Until then, we'll have Michigan Man like comments from Jim Harbaugh about how it's tough to beat the cheaters. Cute, Jim. Real cute.