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Shaquem Griffin Just Intercepted Eli Manning With One Nub

This game just gets more unrealistic each season. I've been playing Madden 20 the past couple of weeks and can't even get Eli Apple or Marshon Lattimore to intercept a tipped ball from Stefon Diggs, but Shaquem Griffin can One Nub Snag a ball from Eli Manning? The Daniel Jones stock is truly skyrocketing by the minute.

I tried to convince myself this was just an Easter Egg that Madden threw in to get some laughs, but I genuinely think this is just EA Sports in a nutshell. I love how the iPhone "ding" sound played after he snagged it in the air. You gotta hand it to Shaquem "Jordan" Griffin though for making a catch that I don't think any of us could make.