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We Haven't Seen Camera Work This Good Since The Office Went Off The Air

*Insert video here that they deleted from the IG page without telling me so now I look like an asshole and this blog doesn’t make any sense without it so I should just delete it but I’d have to get permission to delete it and I don’t want to do that so just pretend the video is here. God bless*

The girl screaming at him. The song in the background. The camera zoom. And then the Jim-esque smirk.

Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 12.27.29 PM

The whole thing is perfect. I don’t want to be Natey Big Woke, but this is almost *too* perfect. It is a scene right out of The Office. “Closing Time” blaring, the girl yelling about god knows what, and then the smirk at the camera that we all know very, very well. The “what planet are we on right now?” smirk, the “I could not possibly care less about anything she is saying right now” smirk, the “yeah she’s probably not wrong but I do not care one bit” smirk. It’s beautiful. Because we all know how this ends- she’s going to call him a jerk and an asshole 10,000 times and still go home with him. Nothing will change. Oh to be young again.