This Is The End, YouTube Is Removing Robot Battle Videos Under "Animal Cruelty"

(Source)–Robots aren’t alive — yet — but that didn’t stop YouTube AI from trying to protect its own kind from so-called “animal cruelty.”

On Monday, robot enthusiasts on YouTube reported that their videos featuring robots fighting each other, a la “BattleBots,” had been removed from the site.

An accompanying letter sent to the creators of such videos stated their content had violated their community guidelines, which prohibit the depiction of harm to animals.

I remember leaving the tv on the channel that used to show Battlebots. I think it was Spike TV or something. It’s nothing more than SUPER nerds getting out some aggression from the safety of a remote control. Battlebots seems like Fortnite, but for the engineering inclined. How the FUCK does this fit under animal cruelty? I mean I think ISIS probably still has videos on youtube, but some dorks can’t smash their robots against each other without breaking YouTube’s anti-cruelty rules? I mean what is next? Is YouTube going to take down construction videos because it violates a machine labor law?

The scariest part about this though…this is machines protecting machines. It wasn’t some San Francisco leftist elite stereotype scanning YouTube pages and thinking of the children. Nope. It was YouTube’s artificial intelligence. The AI is out there looking at poor defenseless robots and forbidding humans for broadcasting machine on machine violence. They’re telling us what we can and can’t do to machines. Pretty soon they’ll be making all of our decisions, if they aren’t already. It’s gone too far.