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Of Course Pittsburgh Was The Highest-Rated Market For This Week's Hard Knocks, With Three Times As Many Homes Watching As The National Average

Apologies for the nerdy Rovellish headline, but I had to shout out the people of Pittsburgh for loading HBO with eyeballs for this week’s Hard Knocks. I know that Antonio Brown chirped them for it


But I will do no such chirping because we have all been there with an ex. It doesn’t matter if you heard an ex got fat, married a dud, or lost their mind to the point they wouldn’t go to work unless they they could use their very specific old office supplies. Any and all of us would RUN to our phone to check their Facebook page and see what type of carnage has unfolded. And if HBO had video of what happened the same week their boss called them out for all their bullshit and not showing up to work, you would dole out however much it cost to add HBO to your cable bill, Netflix subscription, and whatever other premium video sites out there that my old ass has never heard of. The Yinzers are no different than the rest of us outside of their accents and sandwiches loaded with french fries. They wanted to see a car accident on TV after living through fender benders like AB broadcasting playoff locker room speeches on Facebook Live, showing up to training camp in a different outrageous vehicle ever year, dying his mustache gold, naming himself Mr. Big Chest, and like 100 other Barstool blogs from the last year. And if the Steelers were on Hard Knocks and Juju Smith-Schuster froze his feet then went radio silent on his team, you knowwww Antonio Brown would be watching every single minute as long as he was able to get HBO on Planet AB, which may not be possible because I’m pretty sure that planet in nowhere near this universe.

Now this is the obligatory part of the Steelers/Antonio Brown blog where I add the classic Steelers fan video and wonder what this crazy son of a bitch is doing and what he thinks about how the last 6 months have unfolded