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James van Riemsdyk Is Officially A World Champion Beauty


The 2019 Da Beauty League season has come to an end, and this summer it was Team TRIA hoisting the John Scott Cup over their heads. I mean you just look at some of those names that are going to be etched in to hockey history for the rest of eternity now. You’ve got Erik Haula, Matt Read, Casey Mittelstadt and James van Riemsdyk. Just an absolute wagon of a beer league squad leading Team TRIA to greatness. Speaking of greatness, let’s talk about JvR stuffing home a hatty in the championship game. Big time players make big time shots.

Goes right under the glove on the backhand for his first goal of the game like a real sick sunnova bitch.


Next up he goes with a power move to get to the front of the net before he stashes this one in the back of the net. Looking like a young Mario out there rocking double 6’s.

And then finally he caps off the hatty by crashing the net and depositing some loose change to give Team TRIA the win.

Backhand beauty to show off the finesse.  Power move to show off the strength. And then a little Johnny On The Spot action to show off his game awareness. You couldn’t possibly ask for a better game out of James van Riemsdyk whilst playing in the biggest game of his career.

How many times has Wayne Gretzky scored a hat trick in the Beauty League championship game? How many times has Gordie Howe scored a hat trick in the Beauty League championship game? Messier? Jagr? Crosby? Those are some of the best players to ever step out there on a sheet of ice, and JvR has done something that none of them have ever even come close to doing.

So for everybody keeping track this summer–James van Riemsdyk got married and also became a World Champion Beauty. Not a bad little offseason he had there. Would be a real shame if he just kept it rolling straight into the Flyers season.