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Keith Hernandez Giggling About A Sponsor Named Hiscox Was Lowkey The Best Part Of Last Night's Mets Game

Now THAT is why Mets fans ride or die for their team’s broadcasting booth and will defend that they are the best booth in baseball like psychos no matter what some random poll or Bleacher Report slideshow says. Because even in seasons when the team stops playing meaningful games by some point in July, you know Gary, Keith, and Ron are going to bring their own unique and incredible character to the game. Ron is the cerebral dude that breaks down the intricacies of the game, Gary is the idiot Mets fan like the rest of us that lives and mostly dies with the team, and Keith is your uncle that tells/laughs at inappropriate jokes, talks about how it was back in his day, and complains about having to watch a minute of free baseball.

Which is why you better believe a sponsored being called Hiscox is going to bring out the signature Mex snicker. Forget about see baseball, hit baseball. If Keith sees Hiscox, he’s going to laugh at Hiscox. To be honest, I don’t think the people at Hiscox can blame him either. They knew what they were doing when they named their company that and rubbed their Cox in Keith Hernandez’s face. You know why? Because he’s Keith Hernandez. You put anything remotely sexual or funny in front of Keith, he’s going to laugh and it’s going to be tremendous, especially when he tries to hold in his laughter like the infamous balls dropping out of sack video from 2015.


Keith Hernandez: A legend in baseball, announcing, and being Keith Hernandez.

Also Receiving Votes For Best Part Of Last Night’s Game:

JD Davis’ walk-off hit:

JD Davis being the latest Met to his shirt ripped off after a walk-off hit:

Gary Cohen’s signature fist pump to JD Davis’ walk-off hit:


JD Davis’ post-game interview:

Okay pretty much all of last night was fucking awesome without even including JD Davis’ new song becoming the hottest anthem in the Tri-State area earlier in the day.

Which will now have Mets fans singing like maniacs whenever he comes through with a big hit.


Time for one of the most ridiculous t-shirts in Barstool history, which is obviously saying something:



Lets get another W tonight and sweep the Tribe the fuck out of New York. #LFGM