Wow! Barstool Sports Is Finally Getting Its First Fantasy Football Podcast! Its FIRST! Amazing!

Good for Barstool! Hypothetically speaking, I wonder how someone would feel if they had a Fantasy Football Podcast for Barstool for THREE years! A podcast in which was decent and people liked but nobody at the company really backed or cared about! Maybe they’d feel a bit shafted, hypothetically speaking, of course, since they maybe recorded episodes for the 4th year until they were told not to do it anymore in favor of (legally denied expressing any thoughts/facts), and then was told after (same legal issue) was gone they weren’t allowed to restart the podcast as they hypothetically were told it would be pointless! But it’s ok, hypothetically they’ll just get called lazy in the long run! Oh hypothetically fucking well! Three Cheers For Barstool and the FIRST Fantasy Football Podcast! Hip Hop, Hooray! Hip Hop, Hooray! Hip Hop, Hooray!

Oh, and just with the (legally redacted) league, I’m going to clean house in the new one. Different season, same Smitty. Like novocaine. Just give it time, it always works. Or something like what Coach Boone would say. Bring on the Meches.