Is This Kid A Genius Or An Idiot For Getting A Cleveland Browns Super Bowl LIV Champion Tattoo?

So someone sent me this picture on Twitter last night, and unless anybody can prove me wrong, I'd say this kid is the first crazy Browns fan to get himself inked with a "Super Bowl Champs" tattoo this year. Hell, he might even be the first to do in the last 20 years. Anyone who has done it since we returned in 1999 should be in a mental hospital. But regardless, without further adieu, let me present to you guys, Mr. Garrett Howenstine:


I will say this: my tweet got a fair amount of traction last night, and the response was overwhelming in agreement that young Garrett is an idiot. In fact, I'm not sure one person that responded had anything nice to say at all.

Easy to say that in August! But you haters are the same people that thought Orrville and Wilbur Wright were stupid for thinking we could fly. And the same people that said Walt Disney lacked creativity and imagination. And the same people that expelled Albert Einstein from school for being dumb.

This kid may be thought of as making a terrible decision today, but 6 months from now, he may be a legend. And also, I'm not convinced this was as dumb of move as everyone says it is.

1.) The Browns have a really, really good chance of winning the Super Bowl. If not them, who?

2.) The tattoo is on his upper thigh, perhaps the easiest spot to hide if something crazy were to happen and the Browns didn't win the Super Bowl.

3.) He got his 15 minutes of fame. Folks he was on the KEN CARMAN SHOW this morning!!!

Living the dream. Cleveland Royalty. At least for the next 6 months….

**Alright Garrett, I tried to make this positive for you. I am ALL IN on your confidence. I think the Browns walk through the playoffs this year and probably win the Super Bowl by 3 scores, but I do have one problem. Isn't Super Bowl two words…..?



Hopefully it's just a henna!