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Luis Castillo's 3 Pitch Strikeout Of Francisco Mejia Today Should Have Him Arrested For Murder


You’ll have to look long and far to find a nastier three pitch sequence this season in all of baseball. Honestly, maybe the last five years.

97 mph starting in at the hands, ending up over the plate. Strike 1. 86 mph slider starting on the inner half of the plate, ends up behind your fucking leg. Strike 2. Now he has to go to the changeup right? That’s Castillo’s signature pitch. One of the best changeups in baseball. Nope, 85 mph slider in again that makes you do a 180. Nope. No thanks. I actually think you’re in your rights to fight the pitcher in this case. You were just embarrassed in front of thousands of people (luckily this was in Cincy). Can’t walk back to the dugout and face your teammates after that.

I mean what in the fuck are you supposed to do with that? That three pitch sequence just sent a message to thousands of kids to not play baseball and give up on the dream of being a big leaguer.

All the credit in the world to Francisco Mejia for not quitting the sport on the spot there. Not only did he not quit, he came back up later in the game and hit a home run.

That’s baseball, Suzyn.