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Get Your Barstool At The Ballpark Tickets For All You Can Drink Beer As We Turn Citi Field Into A Madhouse This Saturday



I would say it’s been so far, so good for Barstool At The Ballpark this year. The Mets are undefeated in every BATBP, there has been nothing but positive reviews from everyone who has attended, and the Wilpons are probably shaking their fists at the sky when they see how many kegs the Stoolies have wiped them out of during this All You Can Drink event.

The one thing we’ve been missing at most of these games however was a playoff atmosphere. Which based on everything we’ve seen since the Nationals series, will be the case against those asshole Braves from Atlanta as the Mets continue their playoff push. As always, it’s $105 for all you can drink Bud, Bud Light, Goose Island IPA or Stella (as well as soda and water for the DDs) from one hour prior to the game until the completion of the top of the 7th or two hours after the start of the game, whatever comes first. You also get either a burger & fries, hot dog & fries, or two pizza slices to soak up the booze throughout the game.

So get your tickets today at Mets.com/Barstool. Come for the unlimitedbeer, stay for the chaos fueled by Meaningful August Games™…and the unlimited beer.