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Legalized Marijuana Is Coming To Illinois...Except For Naperville Because They're Morons

jb pritzker

As you may have heard, the Fat Man above known for raising your taxes and having his name on every important building in Chicago has passed a law that legalizes recreational marijuana in Illinois. It wasn’t even controversial. Nobody really seems to care about marijuana anymore.

Marijuana going to provide $170M for the State in just dispensary fees

Marijuana has created 220,000 full-time jobs in States where it is legal!

States that have legalized marijuana have seen a major reduction in opioid addiction

And Naperville’s reaction to the law and the data…

(WGN TV)– The Naperville City Council is considering an ordinance to ban the sale of recreational marijuana.

A first reading of the proposal was on Tuesday night’s council’s agenda. An ordinance usually goes through two readings before council members vote.

Last month, they voted 5 to 4 in favor of the ban. If approved, the new ordinance would prohibit all cannabis-related businesses, except those operating under the state’s medical cannabis law.

Naperville wants you to know that you can take your revenue, job growth, and public health and safety and shove it up your ass. They’re not interested. In fact…you’re going to jail if you try to follow the laws of this State.

I am not a big weed guy. Mostly because I think I have a residual fear of my parents from my youth, but if you are sitting on city council or whoever decided to write a brand new ordinance that goes against the State law which could greatly benefit your city and your citizens well then you need to lose your job like IMMEDIATELY. Fucking Naperville man. Buncha idiots out there