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Released By The Chargers And Then Mocked On Hard Knocks, Nobody Had A Worse DayThan Long Snapper Mike Windt

NFL: NOV 27 Chargers at Texans

My favorite moment on Hard Knocks last night was Jon Gruden going through film of a random LA Chargers long snapper:


Running on the field in the middle of the play is bad enough, but throwing the ball on the ground as you run away? Gotta be better than that!!!!

Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 12.48.20 PM

Getting mocked on Hard Knocks stinks. A bad way to end your Tuesday. It only makes it worse when you consider that Mike Windt was released earlier in the day:

So, if you had a bad day yesterday, remember you could've been Mike Windt. In all reality, you'd probably prefer that considering the man has made over $7,000,000 snapping a football. Not a bad career.