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There Is Actual Video Proof That Jed Lowrie Is Not Only Alive, But He's Getting Hits And Running The Bases In A Mets Uniform

All of #MetsTwitter watching these highlights:

It only took until late August. But we appear to have video evidence of Jed Lowrie not only wearing a Mets uniform, but playing in a game without leaving it due to aggravating an injury. Don’t let the Mets get hot baby!!!

I wasn’t ready to declare this a magical season despite the last few weeks because fun phrases like LFGM and winning streaks against bad teams can happen any year. But bringing back a human back from the dead, the Upside Down, or whatever realm Jed Lowrie had been banished to after signing with the Mets has me dreaming some crazy dreams. It doesn’t matter that Jed is pretty much a superutility middle infielder with some pretty Fangraphs stats. The fact a player known for always getting hurt battled back from injury in a franchise famous for injuries and setbacks is proof that this may just be the Mets season after all. These tweets pretty much saying both sides of Jed Lowrie were no longer functional with no exact number of injuries seem like eons ago.

Despite all that being said, I still won’t be deleting this tweet written 6 months ago until I see Jed in Flushing wearing orange and blue since I was obviously talking about the New York Mets, not the St. Lucie Mets and those videos are just grainy enough to be some sort of Bigfoot/Lochness Monster tomfoolery.