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What Group Of Fictional Characters From Any TV Show Would You Most Want To Drink With?

I posed this question earlier today as I had my normal routine of rotating through It’s Always Sunny, Entourage and The Office on the TV while I knock out some blogs. Pretty basic question here. What group of characters from a TV show (any era) would you most want to drink with?

Now there are two caveats here/things to think about. You can’t name a reality show or anything with ‘real’ people. We’re talking fictional characters only. The second thing is you’re not drinking with that actor/actress, but rather the character. So you’re not drinking with Danny DeVito, you’re drinking with Frank, etc.

Here are some of the popular answers I got on Twitter so far:

It’s Always Sunny


A non-surprising favorite answer here. I fully expected them to be the No. 1 answer because you associate the bar and drinking plus a crazy group. But, I view It’s Always Sunny like a bachelor party. You’re not wanting to drink with them every week, but a few times a year for a big blowout is exactly what they are good for.



A more sane and older version of It’s Always Sunny. I cant say I’m super familiar with the show – haven’t watched it start to finish yet (I know, I know). But another popular answer here. This is the quintessential neighborhood bar, but having to talk about Boston sports would count me out.

The Wire



Ah, the McNulty and Bunk crew because these are the only two people from the show you actually want to drink with. There’d be some legendary story telling, but drinking with cops that see shit could be miserable on a daily/weekly business. Also there’s a guarantee you get super fucked up with them.


The boys from Queens. This is probably my answer too. Here’s why. First off, you’re drinking whatever the hell you want and not paying for it because Vince is picking it up. Second, you’re going to be surrounded by gorgeous girls because again, Vince. Count me in for talking about the Knicks and Giants with Turtle.

Parks and Rec


Getting more votes than The Office is Parks and Rec. Going to the snakehole would be pretty awesome and I’d assume I’d be hanging out with Andy the most. However, listening to Chris talk about health, Ron hating everything and Leslie ramble would not be the most fun. Love the group, don’t think of them as a great drinking crew though.

The Sopranos 

Similar but opposite to The Wire here, you get to drink with ‘the criminals.’ At the same time you’re getting a ton of stories and getting yourself inside the family. You know you’re likely ending up at the Bada Bing regardless.

Other options

Friday Night Lights

I’d say this is really drinking with the Riggins brothers, but that crew of Riggins, Smash, Street, Landry and Saracen drinking on the field is something special. You get to talk football, Riggins will 100% take care of you and living the peak of your life. But all the drinking is underage. Fun but I’d take the risk out of it.


King of Queens

I love this show. Not ashamed to hide it. You get to hang out at Coopers, talk some sports with Doug and Deacon and listen to Arthur ramble. Spence is a weird dude, but Coopers actually seems like an awesome spot. The most normal group I’d say to drink with. A sneaky pick here.

The League

We’re getting ready to start football season which means we should throw this group out here. You get everyone involved here and again you’re talking about a fairly normal group. Rafi being the absolute wildcard perhaps of anyone listed so far. This is the key – remember it’s characters so you don’t have to deal with Kevin’s real life lie about where he was on 9/11.

The Office

Have to throw this group out here. But similar to Parks and Rec they don’t seem like the best drinking crew. You have Roy and Roy’s brother starting fights. You have Pam being the worst. You have Michael being awkward. Put me with Kevin, Jim and Daryl to talk some sports and get some bets in with Kevin.


Letterkenny – a wildly underrated show. We’ll limit this group to just the hicks and not every single character involved since there’s too many. They’d be a good group to drink with but you better be ready to fight. I’m too old for that and for that reason I’m out.


Somewhat similar to the guys from It’s Always Sunny, you know you’re in for a weird night with this crew. I don’t think it’s as extreme as IASP, but you just don’t know what you’re going to get into. I do want to see the Ders come out though.

My pick: 

Let me know yours in the comments or on Twitter.