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Cliff Kellerman's Tom Brady Hot Takes Get Stupider by the Day

When it comes to keeping it negative, there is no take so stupid and senseless that the anti-Brady jihadists won’t speak it, repeat it and maybe even believe it, in the service of the cause.

I wasn’t listening, but someone told that yesterday Felger and Mazz were claiming that Brady is pissed off that the Patriots have beefed up their running game and defense. Like he not only doesn’t want to win unless he’s carrying the team on his arm, but that he’d share that private thought with the radio hosts who are angry the Pats are winning Super Bowls with Sony Michel and Steve Belichick as an assistant coach. But when it comes to GOAT Derangement Syndrome, they are practice squadders compared to Cliff Kellerman.

Get a load of this Molten Lava Take. Brady dive-bombed the “System Quarterback” ship. Torpedoed the hull of “It’s All Belichick.” Sank the life rafts of “His Defense Wins the Championships.” And punctured the life jackets of “He’s Lucky.” Now rather than just asked to be rescued or drown himself in the sea of his own wrongfulness, Kellerman is clinging to the debris of semantics.

He’s trying to split the hairs of “Greatest of All Time” vs. “Best of All Time.” Brady is the GOAT because he leads his team to the Super Bowl more than half the time. But Aaron Rodgers, who’s done it once in 11 years as a starter, is … wait for it … Better. He’s the BOAT. Makes perfect sense. Good luck making it to shore floating on that piece of total illogic.

A couple of points, courtesy of the Twitterverse, that I’ve been hanging onto for the next time someone took shots at Brady for not being a legitimate heir to the GOAT throne. Which ended up taking less that 24 hours. (In the Patriots blogging game, you don’t ever need to be patient.)

First, this should destroy the notion that Brady is a “System QB”:

Unless that “System” consists of putting aside any notion of establishing a run/pass balance and simply putting the game squarely on the arm of your quarterback like a trained falcon. Which isn’t a system at all. When teams throw more than 50 times, they win at a rate of .242. The best opposing QBs of Brady’s era are a combined 28-92. He’s 19-9,.679.

And in the postseason when throwing 50+ times, the difference is even more shocking:

Brady: 6-2, .750
Every Other QB Who Ever Lived: 3-28, .097

Speaking of which, that 3-28 sounds vaguely familiar.

Next, this should blast the claim his defense has carried him to tiny, subatomic particles:

Pats D 1

Pats D 2

You were saying about Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees not getting the help on the other side of the ball Brady gets? He wins when he has a defense. He wins without one.

Finally there’s this for those who are still desperately hanging on to the fallacy he’s a limp-wristed, rag-armed checkdown cowboy, getting all his yards dink after dink, dunk after dunk. It’s every 60+ yard pass of his career (save for one 71-yarder to Troy Brown against Carolina in 2005, for some reason.) Feast your eyes on these laser-guided rockets. But before you click Play, take a leak and grab yourself a snack, because it takes 22 minutes to get through them all:


Keep talking, Cliff. And I’ll just keep winning the argument. I’ll close with my usual disclaimer reminding you NOT to Tweet him @maxkellerman and remind him what an empty-headed, punch drunk rodeo clown he is, because he hates when you do that.