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Wild Video: Plane Crash Survivors Laugh And Take Selfies As They're Stung By Jelly Fish And Their Plane Sinks To The Bottom Of The Ocean

Daily Mail

This incredible footage shows the moment a small plane crashes into the ocean off the California coast – before the two passengers on board filmed their own rescue while being stung by jelly fish and treading water.

Pilot Owen Leipelt filmed as his friend’s light aircraft hit the water off Half Moon Bay, alerting air traffic control to the incident as he kept circling above the crash scene on Tuesday.

In the water below, pilot of the downed jet, David Lesh, 34, was also filming as he and his only passenger escaped unharmed.

Lesh captured the moment his single-engine Beechcraft Bonanza sank into the pacific before filming his own rescue.

This has to be the most California video I’ve seen in a while. Nothing, and I mean nothing, would scare me more than being in a plane crash in the middle of the ocean. The Pacific Ocean for that matter! I would probably have a panic attack and pass out, sinking to the ocean with my plane. How do people even survive plane crashes? You’re just falling out of the sky, trapped in a plane with two engines ready to catch on fire and explode, killing everyone inside.


These two people stayed as calm as humanly possible, like they got in a little fender bender on their local street. They’re smiling, having a normal convo, and taking selfies! Bro your plane just crashed and is sinking to the bottom of the ocean. You can see the tail of the plane in the background. I have anxiety just seeing that visual. At the very least that’s your brand new plane that you probably spent a lot of money on. How about a little panic or worry? There’s also jellyfish stinging you and whales circling you! The people who died in that movie Open Water are having a fit up in heaven right now. Those guys got eaten alive by sharks. These two just hung out in the Pacific with some jelly fish and whales and then got rescued twenty minutes later.

Fucking California. No one cares about anything. What a life. Guy probably went surfing afterwards when he got home and forgot it even happened.

And how about the plane crash survivor’s friend who filmed the crash happen in real time? WILD

How do these videos only have 30 likes on Twitter? What are we missing here?